Wednesday 7 April 2010

Feeling sorry for himself

Poor little Harry has not been very well. We suspect chicken pox, although this will only be confirmed if his little friend goes down with it in two weeks time (we didn't know Harry was infectious when we went visiting!). He had a very high temperature for two days, but luckily that has gone down now and he is just left feeling grumpy. He's got lots of spots, but they aren't very big or itchy and don't seem to be bothering him. Now I'm struggling to entertain him, as we can't do the things that we usually do, like going to the library or swimming, and he won't sit still in front of the television and be ill.

Since he was ill, Giraffe has featured more prominently in his little world. I'd always wanted to keep Giraffe for the cot only, but we relaxed this a bit when he was ill, and now he goes to the cot and fetches Giraffe (or screams if he can't reach him) and carries him about. When he wants to hold something else in his hands, Giraffe is carried in the mouth. Giraffe is becoming very smelly. I really don't want Giraffe to come everywhere with us, I don't think that I can handle the trauma if he gets lost.


teapeasea said...

Don't forget this is exactly the type of thing you can tease Harry about when he's older!

Helen said...

Giraffe will have to go in the washing machine when Harry is asleep!