Wednesday 14 July 2010

First biscuits

Today Harry made his first batch of biscuits! Well I made the dough during his nap so he had a head start. First we cut out the biscuits.

Then we put on the icing and decorated them. It took him a while to get the hang of it, there were supposed to be four chocolate buttons on the biscuits but only two made it past his mouth. And once he discovered that the icing tasted nice, not so much went on the biscuits.

And here are the finished products! Yum yum!

Back again!

You may have noticed a lack of updates and photos lately. This was due to an unfortunate incident involving the camera and the toilet. However, having thoroughly dried out the camera, it now seems to be working fine! So here is a picture of the cheeky monkey responsible:

Next time we shall ensure that portable expensive electronic equipment is kept safely out of reach, and not used to prop doors open with.

Harry has been expressing his creative side lately with lots of glue and collage. Here is a lovely piece which he made at toddler group this morning. It's called "Star".

Saturday 26 June 2010

Fast asleep

Ahhh, bless!

Sunday 20 June 2010


We've just got back from a lovely mid-week at Center Parcs. This was our third trip with Harry, and he gets more out of it every time we go. Now that he is walking it's all much more interesting for him. He was able to enjoy all the playgrounds properly and choose where he wanted to go.

Here he is on a tractor and on the swings. Unfortunately the swings were always quite busy so we had to wait which didn't go down well.

He really liked the train that you could climb in.
But the best bit was watching the ducks outside our window. He has a new habit of grabbing us by the hands and dragging us over to what he wants to see or do, so he was constantly dragging us over to the patio door shouting "du" "du". However most mornings he was awake before the ducks so we had to go out for a walk and find some. He liked the squirrels too, although seemed to think that they were also ducks.

Unfortunately he came down with a cold at the beginning of the week which he is still getting over (he's a bit of a grumpy thing at the moment), so he needs lots of looking after.

Friday 11 June 2010

Still here!

Sorry it's all gone a bit quiet from me! We have been very busy lately! We are all fine and Harry is doing well, he is adding several words a day to his vocabulary. Yesterday was 'man', 'finger' and 'cheese'. Well they are a bit vague but I know what he means.

We managed to squeeze in another trip to Legoland and this time Harry was patient enough to queue up for the boat ride which he really enjoyed.

And today it was his turn to inherit the family wellies! I've been keeping them for ages and now they have someone to wear them again. We're off to Center Parcs next week so they will be coming along for tramping about in the mud.

Saturday 22 May 2010

We love Legoland!

We were up early and it was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to make a return visit to Legoland. Last time we went Harry had just started walking and didn't want to walk about, even though he did enjoy it. It was amazing how much he has changed since then, he was loving running about. His stamina has improved too, we were there for hours and we all had a great time.

It was quite busy but we did manage to go on a few rides. But the great thing about Legoland is that even without going on rides there is still loads to see. There are lots of cars to look at, big and small.

To our surprise, Harry was enthralled by the puppet show and sat still for fifteen minutes!

Notice how Ram is so interested in the models he fails to spot Harry eating the railing (although, to be fair, I only noticed when looking through the photos).

We ate our lunch next to the mini railway track and watched the train going past. Again and again, with renewed fascination each time.

Monday 10 May 2010

Harry is in Happyland!

We have bought Harry a massive collection of Happyland toys and he loves them! Although we've been mean and packed most of it away to save for special occasions when we need to occupy him! He likes putting the people in and out of the cars, and waving the cats around and going ca ca ca.